A United Airlines flight made an emergency landing after the plane’s engine gave out over the ocean

Things have been rocky for United Airlines lately, and we just heard that a United flight made an emergency landing after one of its engines failed…over the ocean.

It was a Boeing 737-800 plane bound for Houston, Texas, from Liberia, Costa Rica. The engine apparently had overheated, and luckily the pilot was able to circle back and land safely at the airport in Liberia, where fire trucks and ambulances were ready for them. One of the passengers aboard the plane was Jody Genessy, who was traveling with his wife. He shared his frightening experience with People.com, and it’s giving us the chills.

"Still shaken up, but very grateful to be alive, he said. "We have four kids at home in Utah. I was scared they’d never see us again."

He also tweeted several times about the incident, which paints a picture about how it all went down.


Just imaging this is making us nauseous. Thankfully, everyone was okay.

At the airport in Liberia, Genessy also shared this Facebook video where he described people praying out loud when they thought the plane was going to crash, and then the sound of clapping when everything turned out okay.

Needless to say, we’re incredibly glad the plane landed safely and that everyone aboard was unharmed.