MAC’s new makeup line is unisex and we’re loving it

MAC, the makeup brand known for its vivid eyeshadows and wild lipstick colors, just launched a new line today and we want all of the things. A company that has always celebrated diversity and individuality, MAC’s new makeup collection is specifically geared toward men AND women. Rad.

The products — a brow finisher, cream color base, and conceal and correct palette — were designed by Harry and Peter Brant, sons of the supermodel Stephanie Seymour and professional sharp dressers. The reason they’re collaborating with MAC? To make men feel less self-conscious about purchasing and wearing make-up.

“Look at Johnny Depp; a little makeup can still look masculine and cool,” the brothers told Refinery29.

We’re super excited about this new unisex line —and not just because the products look totally exquisite. Makeup has always been seen as an effeminate tool, but the truth is that both ladies and gents might want to cover up a zit with some concealer every once in awhile. And while we don’t think a specific line is totally necessary to prove that, we love that MAC is sending the message that it’s totally normal and fine and good if a guy wants to use some makeup.

We also love that they’re taking the gender-orientation out of makeup products—this from an industry that’s long prescribed beauty regimens as a female obligation, rather than an inclusive, gender-free choice for all.

As for the products themselves, the brothers described, “They’re basics and provide a very natural look. It’s all about creating a perfect natural base.”

Best of all? They’re not even done. Look out for new MAC x Brant Brothers goodies in 2016. What exactly are these two makeup wizards working on? “It’s everything we wished existed in the market,” they told Refinery29. Sounds like a dream.

(Image via MAC)


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