11 rose tattoos that give the traditional piece a chic update

While we will always and forever have a soft spot for traditional tattoos, we’ve also come to love the totally 2016 blackwork tattoos, nature pieces, and linework creations that’ve shifted the way we think about body art. We love all things floral, but the rose remains a classic tattoo. Still, we tend to like to mix it up, so when we came across these edgier and more updated rose tattoos, we were totally blown away.

Here are some of our fave chic rose tattoos!

1. This 3D piece


2. This light sketch

3. This teensy rose


4. This simple blackwork update

5. This geometric twist


6. This extended piece

7. This ombre rose tattoo


8. This clean rose


9. These finger tattoos


10. And these mirrored rose tattoos


11. This beauty

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