The internet is losing its mind over this totally unique looking dog

The National Dog Show (aka the cutest contest in all the land) just took place on Thanksgiving. A beautiful greyhound named Gia took home the coveted “Best in Show” award, which was her second title in two years. And while we’re happy for Gia and her excellent team, it was a different dog that basically stole the show.

Chuck, the Pekingese, was literally the best thing people saw in the show (even if he didn’t snag the official title).

Between Chuck’s small and adorable stature and his completely fluffy exterior, he won over tons of viewers at home. false

Everybody could find something to love about the all the pups, which is basically the point of the National Dog Show.

Because he was so different looking than your average dog, Chuck really stood out from the crowd.

Everybody chimed in about what Chuck reminded them of. Some people thought he looked like an appliance while others believed he had made music video cameos.

People seriously couldn’t get enough of him.


Standing next to his fellow competitors, Chuck still seems like a champion to us.

Because he was such a hit, viewers (jokingly) demanded a recount of the votes.

And some people are playfully demanding even more action.

These reactions are all in good fun, of course.

Chuck and his fellow dog competitors are all truly winners in our eyes.

h/t Mashable