You will fall in love with the trendiest baby boy names in 2017

For most of us, our names are products of the era we grew up in. But for those of us who had parents who were a little more edgy, our names are products of their creativity and uniqueness. The most unique and exotic names of 2017 seem to be a mix of both.

Nameberry has released its annual report of the hottest and trendiest baby names that are expected to be the most popular of 2017.

Many of the boy names on the list are definitely unique, while some are influenced by current pop culture.

Celebrities are constantly setting trends when it comes to fashion, etc., so it makes sense that they’d also set some baby name trends.

 To determine which names are set to be a lot more visible in the year to come, Nameberry measured which names got the most page views on its site in the first month of 2017 compared to last January. The results show that a whole bunch of unique cultural names are gaining popularity.

The fact that people are embracing culture is always a good sign, but names like Beauregard and Aurelius might be a liittttle hard for the general population in the U.S. to pronounce.

Here are the top 25 baby boy names of 2017 so far, along with the percentage they’ve risen on the popular list since last year.

1Kyd, +4141%

2Benajah, +2300%


4Koa, +322%

5Gunther, +307%

6Cassian, +191%

7Beauregard, +147%

8Albie, +120%

9Issac, +114%

10Lucien, +87%

11Ragnar, +74%

12Alden, +73%

13Dante, +60%

14Marcel, +53%

15Xander, +52%

16Bowie, +48%

17Kane, +44%

18Arrow, +42%

19Sherlock, +41%

20Mateo, +40%

21Franklin, +40%

22Sayer, +37%

23Cassius, +35%

24Callum, +32%

25Aurelius, +32%

So if you’re pregnant with a boy, one of these names might just be right for your little bundle of cuteness. Or not. Your call.