Uniqlo’s next collection will include hijabs

The rise of Hijab fashion on social media is awesome—and impossible to ignore.  One look on Instagram and you’ll see tons of young women dressed in bright colors, pretty patterns, and cool cuts.  So it’s no surprise Japanese-born Uniqlo is following the movement, announcing a new line of clothing specifically tailored to the needs of their Muslim customers. Honestly? Right on.

The collection is a collaboration with U.K born Japanese-British designer and blogger, Hana Tajima, who converted to Islam later in life. Tajima’s diverse, international upbringing definitely shines through her style:


That probably explains why at first glance her designs may seem simple, upon a second look you realize, “Wait, no, this is special.” There are lush plum tunics, modern takes on the traditional Southeast Asian dress kebaya, and — my favorite — crepe skirts with a wonderfully knotted waist. Somehow Tajima’s designs manage to be both understated and bold, rich and muted, all at at once.

As Tajima said in an official statement, “we want to create a collection that not only appeals to modern ladies who prefer to dress modestly, but also an international audience who desire clothes that fit comfortably and look contemporary.”

While the collection is only going to be available online and at select Singapore stores starting July 3, you can take a peek at what’s to come now on Uniqlo’s website. And bonus(!): The clothes are modeled by the always awesome Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna, another face of modern, stylish Islamic dress. We’re pumped.

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