The unicorn trend is still alive, and we don’t know how to feel about these quesadillas

Okay, there are some things we love, and there are some things we LOVE. What we LOVE includes cheese, mexican food, petting animals, and sleeping. And what we love includes unicorns, and the weird world of the unicorn food trend. But as always, our question in response to this colorful food choice is this: Has it gone too far? We’re not sure what this means exactly, but we’re pretty sure unicorn quesadillas teeter on that edge. As do unicorn elote, or as we say unicorn. 

There are a lot of fun, colored foods we love, but colored cheese? We’re still figuring our feelings out.

Unicorn quesadillas are thanks to the food truck El Premio Mayor, which has created the most psychedelic and cheesy concoction we’ve possibly ever seen.

The Fresno, California truck is riding on the mythical creature wave, serving up a technicolor cheese dream that we will be wondering about until we actually get our hands on one.

Okay, honestly, these do look pretty good. The tortillas look like they’re grilled to perfection and that cheese…oh that colorful cheese…it stretches just right! While we think cheese is perfect on its own, even without food coloring, we have to admit that if this actually tastes as good as it looks, we could get behind it.

The only downside? This cheese dream is only available for a limited time. So if you’re desperate to try one, make it fast! They’re “unicorns” for a reason, and they surely won’t be around forever!