This unicorn Christmas tree topper is the DIY magic your holiday decor needs this year

With Thanksgiving around the corner, you’re probably already planning your holiday decorations. And if you’re a little creative and looking to spruce up your Christmas tree this year, look no further than this adorable unicorn tree topper.

Making your own holiday ornaments always brings something special to the mix—especially when it comes to the pièce de résistance: your Christmas tree. This year, we suggest making something that brings a big smile to anyone who sees it. This unicorn tree topper is a magical way to feel the most wonderful this time of year. Watch the video below and use the instructions to bring some unicorn cheer into your home.

Unicorn Tree Topper


Felt (white, black)
Ribbon (blue, pink, yellow)
Glitter craft foam
Metallic string
Paper towel roll
Hot glue


1. Cut out a unicorn head from 2 layers of felt.
2. Cut small holes where the mane will be for the ribbon to go through.
3. Thread strips of ribbon through the holes and tie them to secure in place.
4. Using a needle and thread, blanket stitch around the rest of the unicorn head leaving a hole at the bottom.
5. Cut out an eye from the black felt and glue it on.
6. Cut out two cone shapes, one slightly larger, from the glitter craft foam. Hot glue them together along the sides. Wrap the metallic string around the unicorn horn and glue in place.
7. Glue the horn to the unicorn head.
8. Insert the paper towel roll into the bottom of the unicorn head. Sew large stitches along the bottom and gather the felt around the roll. Glue the felt to the bottom of the unicorn head.