A bouquet of unicorn roses is the mother’s day gift we’ve been waiting for

Something else you never knew you needed has joined the ranks of unicorn-themed must-haves: Unicorn Roses.

The rainbow-tinted flowers are the latest addition to the ever-growing unicorn trend, which has brought us the likes of unicorn highlighter, unicorn toast, and (who could forget?) the unicorn Frappuccino. 

From FTD, rainbow roses are hand-dyed by the petal, so that each petal retains a different shade of bright yellow, green, blue, pink, or purple.

If you like to give flowers to your mom (or any of your favorite people) but want to shake it up a bit beyond the traditional, why not use MAGICAL AF RAINBOW BLOOMS to show how ~enchanting~ you find your loved one?



Or, if you’re feeling fancy, just pick up some flowers for YOURSELF.

Who says you have to wait around to be gifted some multi-colored flora? You deserve a little magic in your day too, don’t you?



Unicorn roses don’t discriminate. Unicorn roses are for everyone.