This DIY unicorn purse is the logical next step for your unicorn obsession

If you’re looking for an adorable new bag for spring, one you can take with you to your next music festival and pair with all your everyday outfits, look no further than this DIY unicorn purse.

This is the perfect do-it-yourself project, especially if you’ve already made a unicorn hoodie and unicorn rug. Because you’re basically just embellishing a pre-made purse, it takes no time at all. One trip to the craft store for vinyl and faux fur, and you’re halfway there. Make one for yourself, one for all your friends, and take your unicorn obsession with you wherever you go.

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DIY Unicorn Purse


Black vinyl
Gold glitter vinyl
Faux fur
Fabric glue (for vinyl and faux leather)


1. Cut out a horn and stars from the gold glitter vinyl.
2. Cut out eyes from the black vinyl.
3. Glue on the horn, eyes, and stars.
4. Measure the top of the purse where the faux fur will go, and cut out a strip of faux fur of that length.
5. Glue on the faux fur.
6. Allow glue to dry.

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