Unicorn noodles are now a trend, because of course they are

From cakes, to lattes, to pop-tarts, brightly colored foods are the latest delicious trend. While unicorn food has thus far consisted mostly of sweets, one food blogger is changing the game with unicorn noodles.

Bored with normal white/tan noodles? A.J. of The Indigo Kitchen’s “Quick and Simple Unicorn Noodles” is sure to mix things up. Rather than using food dye or colorful sprinkles, unicorn noodles are made by cooking clear or white noodles with purple cabbage and adding lemon or lime juice. The cabbage turns the noodles a pretty blue hue and adding citrus sporadically turns some noodles a pretty pink.

The recipe is surprisingly easy, and the multicolored noodles make otherwise ordinary meals looks magical. There’s really no good reason to not try this at home.

The Indigo Kitchen’s Instagram highlights multiple meals made from unicorn noodles (and lots of other delicious-looking plates), and they all look way healthier than most unicorn-themed foods. Thanks to A.J., eating rainbow-colored food doesn’t have to be reserved for dessert, but can be enjoyed at every meal.

It doesn’t stop at noodles, either. A.J.’s Instagram also features rainbow rice and rainbow rolls. Whether you want to call them unicorn, rainbow, or simply pink and blue, these fun foods look amazing.

If you don’t already Instagram every meal you consume, it would be hard to resist posting unicorn noodles. They were meant to be photographed (and then eaten, of course).

In his latest unicorn noodle post, A.J. wrote, “The world can use some extra magic.”