These glittery unicorn MIMOSAS are the magical drinks of your dreams

Why wait for the weekend to get your drink on when you’re more than halfway there and desperately in need of some magic in a cup? So, maybe we’re projecting our desire to sip on a little somethin’-somethin’, but we couldn’t possibly not share Cosmo’s recipe for unicorn mimosas, which look absolutely delightful and delicious.

Now, this might sound like the road to gastrointestinal disaster, but right about now, we’d love to have a huge scoop of unicorn ice cream to go along with this adult beverage of our dreams because regardless of what non-believers say, unicorns are absolutely real, and we can never get enough of them.

In case you didn’t know, we’re #TeamUnicorns over here.

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Now that you’re fully acquainted with our die-hard unicorn fandom, let’s get into these glorious glitter unicorn mimosas. Start by rimming a few (or several) champagne flutes with edible glitter. Then add a few scoops of sherbet to each glass along with some vodka, and top off with the champs. And then comes our favorite part of this recipe: garnish with rock candy.

Seriously, these drinks look like the aftermath of a unicorn weeping colorful tears of joy.

Check out the full recipe at CosmoBites. Speaking of which, we have to shout out the ingenious creator of this recipe, food stylist Tyna Hoang, who also happens to be our new favorite person, BTW.

Welp, it’s about that time, guys! We’re gonna kindly skip out on any Happy Hour invites this evening. We’ve got some unicorn mimosas to make (and drink by the boatload).