These “healing lattes” are our favorite unicorn food trend yet

Coffee is great and all when you need a pick-me-up, but sometimes you just need a beverage that’s going to make you feel like searching for a rainbow. That’s precisely why Brooklyn cafe The End created a little something called the unicorn latte. It’s the kind of warm drink you order when you’re in need of a long cuddle and the reassurance that everything is going to work out in the world (because it will).

We’re pretty sure there’s never been a prettier latte in the existence of humankind.

It’s got all the colors of the rainbow, just waiting to turn you from stresshead into Care Bear queen. And the best part is, these magical lattes are super healthy.

The End told Mashable about this new elixir, reminding everyone that there actually isn’t any coffee in this latte at all. It’s made with ginger, lemon, coconut milk, and honey. They also put in e3 live blue green, which is what makes it look bright blue. No food coloring here! But the top needs to beautified, so they add sprinkles (vegan of course), flowers (edible ones, so don’t worry), and fairy dust (we jest).

It. Is. A. Revelation. It’s one of the “healing lattes” on The End’s menu. “It was named the Unicorn Latte because the recipe is made to help tap into your most mystical, colorful and vibrant self,” The End told Mashable. Although there’s no caffeine in it, the e3 live glue green is meant to decalcify the pineal gland in your brain, which “can lead to extreme mental clarity, and helps on restore health and vibrancy to the physical body.”

Sounds fine by us!

"It is quickly becoming the antidote to the mid-afternoon brain fog for our customers," The End said.

Look, regardless of whether the e3 can make us fly like an espresso does, we want all the unicorn lattes. Those colors are guaranteed to make us smile from ear to ear, no matter how tired or stressed we are.

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