Unicorn Lashes UK is coming out with a new holographic lip gloss that has the most magical packaging we’ve seen

Whimsical British brand Unicorn Lashes UK is adding holo lip glosses to their magical inventory, and they look positively radiant!

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without us writing about unicorn-related beauty products. This trend isn’t slowing anytime soon, with new goodies hitting the market at a steady gallop. The new glosses from Unicorn Lashes UK are yet another gem for your ‘corn stash.

The company made a name for itself with a collection of lush lashes before adding several styles of mystical makeup brushes. Now the brainchild of unicorn beauty obsessive Mel Blue is coming out with six new holographic prismatic lip gloss shades.

As usual, TrendMood has the tea on the latest releases.

According to Unicorn Lashes, the shimmery glosses were many months in the making. The product is beautiful on the inside and out — the specially-designed packaging will definitely make a statement on your vanity table.

The bottle looks like a work of art! Or something to carry for self-defense when you’re walking home late at night.

We can’t wait for these glosses to come prancing into our makeup bags. Unicorn Lashes says the release date will be this summer. Oh unicorns, always so elusive!

Swatches of the glosses…we can’t wait to see them on a face!

The original brush line from Unicorn Lashes UK is a must for any unicorn lover.

Full yet wispy, there’s a Unicorn Lash for everyone.

Get the Unicorn Lashes UK Unicorn Gloss at UnicornLashes.co.uk when they come out this summer.