This cult fave beauty brand is coming out with a brush cleaner that will make you feel like a queen

Oftentimes, washing all of the dirt and cosmetic residue out of makeup brushes is the least glamorous part of a beauty routine. However, the people at Unicorn Lashes UK have a brush cleaner coming out that will make you feel like royalty as you responsibly wash your makeup brushes.

The sneak peek of the new ultra fabulous brush cleaner reveals it to be the perfect accompaniment to the luxe Unicorn Royale brushes. While we still don’t have details about when the brush cleaner will be released, or how much it will cost, we do know it’s a collaboration with Swirl and Sparkle. This means the formula will be organic and cruelty-free so it’s more than just a pretty formula

Just looking at this brush cleaner makes us feel like we live in a diamond encrusted turret.

We can only assume that once it’s available it will be exclusively delivered by the moat.

Now that we know this is coming out, we can’t help but wonder when we can assume our status as queen?!

How long until we can get our royal hands on this divine all-natural cleaner?

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In the meantime, we’ll feast our eyes on Swirl and Sparkles’ brush cleaners, like their Beauty and the Beast-inspired one.

We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled because this looks like a must-have for the castle!