Unicorn hair is here and no one is surprised that it’s gorgeous

For those of you who took one look at the new unicorn emoji and knew you were staring into the eyes of your Patronus, I have really good news. A magical hair enchantress from the mystical city of Las Vegas has invented a new way of dyeing hair that is so perfectly unicorn that you might be tempted to buy a plane ticket right this second to go visit her.

Shelley Gregory of Atelier by Square Salon in Nevada calls her creation, “candy unicorn,” and, honestly, that’s the best name for it. Unlike the recent “oil slick” hair trend (which is also super gorgeous – what a great time to be alive!), candy unicorn can probably only pulled off on lightened hair. And I’m talking lightened, probably as light as you can get it. The secret to achieving the gorgeous rainbow of shimmering colors is applying a few different swipes of Pravana Pastel dyes to each small section of hair.

Here’s what the process looks like from the artist’s chair:

SWOON. Just wait until you see the hair once it’s rinsed and styled …

I’m crying sweet unicorn tears. How is it possible to fit so many pretty colors on one person’s head?

Seriously, there’s a different color peeking out from every angle, yet all of the shades seem to belong together. Look what happens when you put candy unicorn hair in a fancy braid.

Or add glitter to the roots …

Un. Real. Unicorn emoji x infinity!

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(Image via Apple.)

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