There’s now a unicorn hair tutorial — and yes, it includes a horn

One year ago, unicorn hair made its debut in the world, and we were obsessed. Rainbow hair? Yes please. Cue our inner Lisa Franks! Well, now there’s a new unicorn hair tutorial, and this one includes a horn! We wonder what unicorn hair aficionado Amina Mucciolo would think of this new video.

It seems unicorns are back in style, if their sudden presence in the world of desserts is to be believed. We wholeheartedly approve! Now, if only we could find a friend who can style our hair for us…because let’s be honest, dying your own hair is tough.

Check out the video for unicorn hair — with horn! — below.

Admit it, who among us doesn’t want to rock this awesome unicorn ‘do? Plus, with the sudden popularity of unicorn-themed beauty products, your whole day could be one big unicorn beauty party!

Below are some of our favorite unicorn hair looks.

Though of course, none of these include a horn. We’ll leave that to future posters!

First of all, here’s aquamarine unicorn hair for the “under the sea” unicorn lover.

That braid gives us all sorts of #unicornenvy.

Our newest 2017 hair goal.

Unicorn hair and a unicorn phone!

And a punk take on Lisa Frank.

Well, now that we’re totally inspired, it’s time to put on our rainbow outfits and head to the beauty store!