“Unicorn elote” is a thing, and we don’t know how to feel

It’s safe to say that we’re in peak unicorn times right now.

Everything from novelty drinks to hairstyles has been bitten by the unicorn bug, and for the most part we’re here for it! This trend is a way for all of our pastel dreams and weird food cravings to collide, but now we’re wondering: Is there a limit to the unicorn trend?

Because unicorn elote exists, and we don’t know quite how to feel about it. Street elote, or corn, is classically served with mayonnaise and/or cheese, chill powder and lime. There are plenty of versions of this beloved food, but we’ve never seen anything like this candy-colored iteration.

Unicorn elote is available at E-Lokos in Huejutla, Hidalgo, Mexico, so at least it’s legit. The elote goes by the name of “E-Unicornio” and is covered in rainbow-dyed cheese and sprinkles. The only downside? This bizarre food will only be available the last week of April and while supplies last. So if you’re one to try anything and everything unicorn, you may want to think fast.

If this cheese actually tastes like delicious melty cheese, and not like anything “unicorn” flavored, then honestly this seems pretty good! We like to think that there are few things that are worse after being covered in cheese, but we’ve never tried anything like this crazy colored dish! Would you try unicorn elote?