Unicorn doughnuts (aka ~doughnicorns~) actually exist and we need them immediately

There’s a new addition to the unicorn food family, and we’re trying to restrain ourselves — unicorn doughnuts are real, they look delicious, and we NEED them in our lives.

We’re not sure if we want to stare at them all day or eat an entire box (hmm, maybe both), but “dougnicorns” are pretty cute as far as desserts go.

They’re covered in the sugary goodness that is icing and sprinkles, like many doughnut flavors are, but they also have eyelashes, ears, and little horns on top.

Between these, unicorn cakes, and unicorn macaroons, we’re not sure how to handle this.

We’re already mentally building a grocery list so we can make some doughnicorns for ourselves ASAP.


Instagram baker Christina’s Cupcakes, who specializes in cake art like this, posted a super-helpful tutorial video on her page, which speeds up the process of creating the decorations on the doughnuts in case anyone wants a visual to guide them.

It’s really mesmerizing to watch, TBH.

So much creativity is involved in this and whoever started this trend, unicorn and dessert lovers everywhere are eternally grateful to you.


Is anyone else having the urge to have dessert for dinner tonight? We won’t judge, promise!