Unicorn Chocolate is real and probably tastes magical

Everyone, stop what you’re doing. Have you stopped? Are you listening? Are you ready? Okay. Here it goes: Unicorn Chocolate now exists.

Hold. The. Phone.

German brand Ritter Sport (known for their square, brightly-packaged chocolate bars) just created a Unicorn Chocolate Bar. Not only is the packaging equipped with rainbow sparkles (eeeeeeeek!), but the bar itself is pink, white, and sparkly.

In fact, the bar is described to be “white chocolate with a yogurt and raspberry-cassis rainbow.” Sign us up.

We definitely need this to round out our collection of collection of unicorn ice cream, unicorn cake, unicorn highlighter, unicorn makeup brushes, and unicorn slippers.

Like any unicorn should be, the candy is rare and hard to find: In fact, only 50 bars were distributed around the U.K. 

That doesn’t mean we won’t be tweeting Ritter Sport to *politely suggest* they sell the bars worldwide. Here’s hoping.