Unicorn cheesecake is the dessert of our fantasies

Foodies, rejoice — unicorns may be real after all… well, at least in dessert form. Delish has shared a dessert recipe that will make all of your dreams come true: introducing unicorn cheesecake. Following the popular unicorn food trend that has been amazing us over the last few months — from unicorn ice cream, to unicorn hot chocolate, to a straight-up unicorn cafe — the no-bake unicorn cheesecake is all the rage now. The best part? It’s surprisingly easy to make.

SO, we know what you are thinking: How can you get this delicious, fantastical unicorn-themed dessert into your home?


You start with the classic cheesecake base, beating it together to make a fluffy mixture. Dividing that into different bowls, you can then customize the colors that you want your cheesecake to be once it “bakes”. Add in some food dye, decorate the top, “bake” in the fridge for at least 6 hours, and you’ll have your very own unicorn cheesecake in no time.

Magic is real.