Unicorn braids are exactly as weird as you’d imagine, but also strangely captivating

When you hear the phrase unicorn hair, you probably envision long cascading hair in shades of pink, purple, aqua, or all three. The image we picture is definitely something akin to mermaids or My Little Pony. However, Seventeen discovered that some girls are taking the phrase pretty literally and actually styling their hair to resemble a horn.

More specifically, the horn of a unicorn.

The results are weird, but also strangely fascinating.

One girl sectioned off a piece of the hair at the front part of the crown and braided it at a vertical angle so that her hair sticks straight up. There’s probably at least a gallon of extra hold hairspray involved in this look.

Another variation of the look is taking the full length of hair, flipping it over, and twisting it at an angle. Again, this probably requires a ton of hairspray, and lots of hair.

This is probably not the best look to wear to work, since it is a bit distracting and would take way too long to do in the morning. However, it might be a fun thing to try the next time your regular ponytail or braid just isn’t cutting it.

(Images via Instagram)