You can now see who unfriended you on Facebook. #Drama

In case you needed something to keep you up tonight, you can now take a look at this new app that tells you exactly who has unfriended you on Facebook. Yikes.

But don’t worry (yet) —the pain won’t be immediate. While the app can’t tell you everyone who has ever unfriended you in the past, it will save your current Facebook friends list when you first download it, and then compare that to your number of friends every time you log back in. Any discrepancies are recorded and investigated. Meaning even if you log in two minutes later, it will show you anyone who has unfriended you in those 120 seconds.

The app is called Who Deleted Me, and it’s absolutely free —making this kind of self-inflicted torture almost a little too easy. And you can get it on your phone or even as a Google Chrome extension. Every time you check in, it shows you the names of any new friends you’ve made, as well as any friends you’ve lost, prof pic and everything.

And the program already has 43 thousand likes on Facebook, which means that soon it’s going to be pretty hard to discretely remove somebody from your life. While it can be super tempting to see who removed you from their friends list, and to then spend the next few weeks obsessing over why and wondering if maybe you were posting too many cat videos, ignorance can sometimes be bliss in these situations. Trust.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to remember that it’s just social media, and it shouldn’t dictate how you feel about yourself and your life. It should be a place for sharing this awesome video of a pug trying to go up stairs. And if people don’t want to see that, well then good riddance!

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