6 unexpected honeymoon ideas for millennials

A ton has been written about how millennials have changed the wedding industry — from skipping traditions that don’t align with their values to opting for smaller but still Instagrammable receptions — but they have also revolutionized the honeymoon industry.

Part of this change may be a result of twenty and thirty-something couples forgoing traditional registries and using apps like Honeyfund to raise money to travel (rather than being saddled with a set of fine china that they’ll never use).

There’s also the fact that millennials are more well-traveled than any other generation, particularly since cheap airfare and sites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing have made it easier to travel the world. So when they get married, the typical honeymoon trope of spending a week at a “romantic” all-inclusive resort just won’t do for many millennials. Instead, they are opting for offbeat and unexpected honeymoon ideas, like the ones below.


Weddings have become a lot less stuffy in recent years, thanks to trends like food trucks and campground venues. That relaxed attitude seems to have spilled over into honeymoon planning as well, with more couples opting for a “buddymoon” (where friends are invited to accompany them on the trip,) in lieu of one-on-one time with their spouse.

According to experts, a honeymoon is a lot less of a relationship milestone marker than it used to be, now that couples now *gasp* often cohabitate before marriage. So, for those with a close-knit group of friends, having your BFFs around makes for a more fun experience.

2Snowy getaways

If you think of a stereotypical “honeymoon,” images of swimsuits and poolside cocktails might spring to mind, but for others, snuggling under a blanket with a hot chocolate in hand might just be the perfect way to begin their married lives. Luckily, no matter what time of year you plan to honeymoon, it is snowing somewhere!

For the very adventurous, a stay at an ice hotel, like the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec, Canada, or the Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway would be an incredible honeymoon. And “ice hotel,” FYI, is exactly what it sounds like — a hotel made out of ice and snow!

3Off the beaten track locales

Forget the South of France, Hawaii, or Bora Bora. While these are, of course, lovely destinations, millennial newlyweds are now skipping the obvious destinations that have dominated honeymoon lists for years, and instead adventuring to exotic destinations in Southeast Asia and Africa. Places like Indonesia and Capetown, South Africa offer beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunrises, and the excitement of a foreign country — but often at a much more affordable cost.

4Adult camps

For those who feel nostalgic about their time at sleep-away camp when they were a kid, there are now adults-only summer camps that are perfect for an outdoorsy, active honeymoon. Whether a couple enjoys activities like swimming and archery or just wants to spend a boozy week sitting near a bonfire, there is an adult summer camp for everyone.

5Road trips

An unforgettable honeymoon doesn’t need to take place in a far-flung destination. With so many scenic drives across the U.S., from Hana Highway in Maui to the Pacific Coast Highway in California, driving across country or up the coast can make for the perfect honeymoon trip. And with many millennials more inclined to take shorter trips throughout the year than one long vacation, a road trip can be a cost-effective way to immediately celebrate your honeymoon while saving up for a bigger vacation later on.


For the couple who wants to spend their honeymoon off the grid, glamping combines access to the outdoors and all of the eco-friendly benefits of traditional camping with amenities like showers or wifi that you might otherwise find in a hotel. With glamping retreats all over the world, from Montana to Switzerland, there’s no shortage of mountaintops or beaches where honeymooners can sleep under the stars in style.