Unexpected ways to show your crush you care

We can think of few things as simultaneously amazing and heart-wrenching as having a crush. You feel butterflies non-stop; you’re constantly fantasizing about how amazing the two of you would be together; and you have absolutely no idea if they feel the same way. The prospect of confessing your feelings seems impossible — yet it’s hard to drop hints without feeling hopeless or cliché.

In The CW’s new show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a young woman leaves her covetable life in New York City in order to follow her ex — the one that got away — to West Covina, CA. (It’s two hours away from the beach, without traffic.) The show speaks to all of our deepest, darkest, crush-related desires, and we can’t wait to tune in to the series premiere on Monday, October 12, at 8/7c on The CW.

But in case moving across the country for love feels a little extreme for you, here are just a few more ways to show your crush that you care.

Give them a used book

There are few things as intimate as a book filled with underlined sentences and little notes in the margins. It becomes even more intimate when you know the book’s previous owner. Give your crush a peek into your brain (and your taste in books) by passing on one of your favorites.

Make them a Spotify playlist

Unfortunately, most people don’t even have a CD drive nowadays — let alone a tape deck. Take the mixtape to its inevitable conclusion and go the modern route with Spotify (or whatever music streaming/sharing service you use). Slip in a few tracks about unrequited love, and cross your fingers in hopes that they get the hint.

Get an extra coffee/tea on your way to meet them

It’s a small but thoughtful gesture, and most people will be grateful for the caffeine. It also works just as well with other beverages and snacks. If you aren’t comfortable surprising them, feel free to ask them ahead of time if they want anything. It’s the thought that counts!

Send them a postcard

Everyone loves getting mail. Less committal than a full-fledged letter and more exciting than an email, a postcard is the perfect way to let someone know they’re on your mind. This tip applies even if you haven’t left home recently, too: Anyone can send a text, but a postcard requires a little extra effort and foresight.

Buy them a plant

Has there ever been a more symbolic gift; perfectly representative of your blooming love? Show your crush you really care (about their oxygen intake) with something beautiful and easy to take care of. If your crush doesn’t have a green thumb, a succulent is a nice alternative, as well.

Make their favorite food

The perfect cure for a rough day is delicious comfort food. Give your crush an unexpected pick-me-up by bringing along their favorite indulgence when you meet up. Whether you make a mean mac and cheese, or pass off store-bought cookies as homemade, sharing their favorite food makes for an excellent bonding activity.

Tell them how you feel

Of all the possible ways to show your crush you care, perhaps the most unexpected is to just be honest and tell them how you feel. Nowadays, dating can feel like a competition to see who can act less interested — so why not take a chance and be a little vulnerable? It might just pay off.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend premieres Monday, October 12, at 8/7c on The CW.