More autotune-free Britney Spears vocals have surfaced, and she sounds amazing

Nothing gets the people going more than hearing Britney Spears’ unedited vocals. If you doubt there’s a huge demand to listen to (and obsess over) the pop princess’s high notes sans auto-tune, trust us when we say it is a big friggin’ deal. Seriously, there are Twitter threads devoted to Spears’ raw, live vocals where people ruminate over whether the songs barely sound anything like Spears or prove that she’s actually an amazing singer whose pipes more than measure up to her elaborate tour performances.

Britney fans will be delighted to know that a compilation of raw vocals from Spears’ latest album Glory has made its way onto YouTube.

It’s only three and a half minutes long, but it’s just enough for fans to get their entire lives off of a mini-jam session. The clip features samples from your favorite Glory tracks (read: all of them), including “Hard to Forget Ya,” “Love Me Down,” “Slumber Party,” “Better” and “Make Me.”

We’re no audio experts, but there is a feverish debate happening in the comments section (seriously, when is there not?) about whether these vocals are legitimately free of any technical adjustments. Some say the auto-tuney sounds are actually layered harmonies, others detect only a bit of pitch correction while even more listeners say this is as real, untouched, and authentic as Spears’ vocals get.

Who knows, y’all? And honestly, it kind of doesn’t matter because we got so caught up in the music, we left everyone else to ponder over the are-they-or-aren’t-they-raw-vocals discussion. The audio detective work can be handled by the more skilled crowd while we throw Glory on repeat and yell-sing to the tops of our lungs.