It’s still unclear whether Luke and Leia get an onscreen reunion in “The Last Jedi,” and our hearts can’t handle it

The Star Wars community just about spontaneously combusted this weekend. True, it doesn’t take much to get Star Wars lovers riled up. But this was excited even by Star Wars fans standards. Pablo Hidalgo, a creative executive at Lucasfilm and widely acknowledged Star Wars super-expert, attended Comic Con Chile. And there he reportedly confirmed that Luke and Leia have a scene together in The Last Jedi.


However, when io9 reached out to Hidalgo on Twitter to confirm that Luke and Leia would have a Last Jedi scene together, Hidalgo got real coy real fast.

According to Hidalgo, what had been interpreted as him talking about a Luke and Leia SCENE was actually just Hidalgo talking about Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill reuniting for the Vanity Fair Star Wars shoot. false

So Hidalgo isn’t saying Luke and Leia DON’T have a scene together. He’s just refusing to confirm either way. So maddening! Waiting is so hard!

In the same Comic Con, fans also thought Hidalgo said that Gwendolyn Christie’s Phasma would be unmasked in the latest installment. But again, Hidalgo said he was just referring to the Christie’s Vanity Fair cover, where her wonderful face is on full display.

As io9 reports, the one thing Hidalgo DID confirm is that the hand we see flipping through Jedi book pages in the trailer DOES belong to Luke Skywalker. Right now, basically everything else is a mystery! Argh! We’re gonna be patient and wait. BUT IT’S GOING TO BE SO HARD.

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