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If you’re anything like me, you like being the first to the newest online sensation. When Facebook opened up, I had to wait to sign up until I got my university .edu email account (did I just age myself? Oh, God…). I was also early on Twitter, Tumblr and you bet I had to beg for an invite to Google+ (I really tried to help make it happen!). But I think this new website is super cool and if you like keeping track of what you do and like to show off the things you’ve done, Unbucket is going to be your new favorite website!

Unbucket.com is the brainchild of Elliot Darvick and Brian Berman, who wanted to create a website to help users do the things they say they’ve wanted to do. For example, if you’ve always wanted to try one of our happily gluten and dairy-free recipes but forget to save the page or get overwhelmed with other recipes, Unbucket is there to organize all the recipes you want to try! And, once you’ve tried said recipe, just check it off your list, duh! You have this visual organization of things you want to do or places you want to go, which is really handy if you’re forgetful like me. Let’s say you love our Old Lady Movie Night series – because come on, it’s great – but your life gets hectic and forget to make a note of which film is the newest on the list. Unbucket will update your list with the newest film and when you watch it, check!

Something that’s cool about the website lists is that you can add notes, pictures, and other links to make them more personalized. For example, in a list that I made with my boyfriend, we added a bunch of restaurant links or dishes that we get images of so we can remind ourselves later. You can also make these lists as personal or as public as you want. Our HelloGiggles approved lists are open for everyone to try, but if you want, the lists you create with your friends and family can be only viewed by the people involved.

Another handy thing Unbucket has, is eliminating a username and password. Instead, you log into Unbucket with your Facebook account. Fear not, users that like to keep their social media lives separate! You log in with your Facebook, but right away you can set your privacy settings, just like Spotify! You can have Unbucket update your Facebook with every check, or you can set it to just people in your circle to view the cool stuff you do. Either way, I love it because it’s one less password I need to create and memorize and I can show off to my close friends the films I’m watching as well as the places I’ve visited.

I really hope y’all love Unbucket as much as I do! It’s a fantastic concept with great people behind it. It really is all about bringing people together, no matter how far apart they may be. Also, let us know what you’ve enjoyed doing in our comments section as well as our Unbucket page. The website is open to join starting today, January 30th! We’re really looking forward to making our HelloGiggles community stronger with the help of Unbucket!

Images via Elliot Darvick, Unbucket.com, and Emma Darvick

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