This unbelievably large chicken is really freaking Twitter out right now

Ordinarily, we heap endless amounts of praise upon animals for being sweet, clever, and endearing. Unfortunately, we’re left with no choice but to go take a different tone when discussing this unbelievably big chicken that is so horrifying it will give you nightmares.

Scientists recently arrived at the conclusion that chickens might be evil, and we’re convinced this giant Brahma rooster that’s terrifying the internet was an extremely influential part of their findings. The big, scary bird supposedly has a calm temperament, but its intimidating size makes that difficult to believe.

The viral video in which this chicken appears shows the alarmingly colossal avian creature emerge from a coop one gigantic, feathered body part at a time. We wanted so badly to believe this was an actual human in a chicken suit, but there’s nothing silly about this gigantic bird.

How on Earth could a chicken this damn big be anything but a bird yard bully?

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Quartz spoke with Dianna Mejstrik, district director of American Brahma Club, who estimates the large Brahma rooster in the video to stand about three feet tall and weigh 10 pounds. Average Brahma roosters can grow between two and four feet tall naturally and weigh up to 10 pounds.

According to The Livestock Conservacy, the exceptionally large Brahma rooster breed “was developed in America from very large fowls imported from China via the port of Shanghai.” Additionally, the Brahma was considered the “leading meat breed” between 1850 and 1930.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll encounter one of these scary endangered farm animals in person, the fact that they even exist has us feeling extremely unsettled.