Un-returned VHS rental leads to arrest 14 *years* later

In case you thought you might be having a rough day, you can at least rest assured it’s likely not as bad as the day North Carolina man James Meyers recently had. After getting pulled over for a broken tail light while taking his daughter to school, Meyers found himself in handcuffs being arrested on the seemingly unreal charge of not returning a VHS tape for 14 years.

Yes. You read that correctly. A man was arrested for not returning a 14-year-old VHS tape.


There are so many parts of this story that are confusing. Not that the facts aren’t themselves very clear, but that this could even be considered a dangerous enough crime to justify putting someone in handcuffs is baffling. An actual warrant was placed out for this man’s arrest as a result of having not returned the movie, which seems pretty strange.

Not to mention, video rental stores were on every corner 14 years ago, and the one Meyers rented from is now — like virtually all video stores — permanently closed. Barring time travel, Meyers couldn’t have returned the tape even if he wanted to!

The VHS tape in question was the classic Tom Green comedy Freddy Got Fingered. Since the story has gone viral, Tom Green himself has found out about it and is as perplexed about the situation as everyone else.

He recently said he would of course help the guy out, but was as astounded as everyone else that someone could even be arrested for such a thing.

For his part, the shocked citizen James has been pretty reasonable about the whole ordeal. His charge is currently being treated as a misdemeanor and his fine is only $200, which isn’t anything crazy but is still an insane response to such a small infraction against a store that’s not even in business anymore.

Since his story has gone viral, we can only hope that the lawmakers and law enforcers in Meyers’ hometown of Concord will be reasonable about the whole thing. In the meantime excuse us, we need to double-check that we returned that copy of Troop Beverly Hills in  2001.