Um, Drake’s dad is dropping an album and a clip — and video — just got leaked

Having megastar rapper Drake as a son pretty much makes you famous as well, but Drizzy’s dad Dennis Graham has a plan to earn his celebrity stripes using his own skills. Drake’s dad is working on an R&B album, and thanks to TMZ, we’ve been treated to a sample of the video for his single “Kinda Crazy.”

At first, we assumed the song title was a description of Drake’s reaction to his dad releasing an album, but as it turns out, the laid-back tune is all about the elder Champagne Papi catching feelings for a special lady.

Dressed in a cream suit, a brown hat and sporting two glistening OVO necklaces, Graham sits on a throne with dry ice billowing at his feet to set the mood as he sings, “It’s kinda crazy/But I feel you, underneath my skin/Oh, the first glance-I think/It’s where my obsession began.”

The clip appears to be somewhat inspired by Graham’s Instagram page (which you absolutely must see if you haven’t done so already).

Aside from Drake’s success, who do we have to thank for this magical vision? Reportedly, Graham is working with producer Jamie Iovine (son of record exec Jimmy Iovine) and plans to release “Kinda Crazy” this month while he continues working on his album.

OK, so we totally expect Graham’s album to have a Drake feature, but is the world even ready for a Drizzy/Drake’s dad collaboration? We’re not so sure, guys.