The ultimate falling asleep playlist that will have you nodding off for the night

When you’re struggling with insomnia (or simply have too much going on in your head to comfortably drift off to sleep some nights), you will likely try anything to rest your weary mind and finally get some sleep. You may try methods like meditating before sleep or use trusty insomnia hacks. Maybe you’re all about a pre-bedtime glass of wine for a deep and dreamless slumber (hey, we’re not judging).

It’s possible you never thought about listening to music as a way to drift off into a deep sleep, but hear us out: Listening to soothing music is a great way to help your mind unwind and let you finally get the quality of sleep you deserve.

Check out our ultimate falling asleep playlist — it’s chock-full of dreamy tunes that will send you off to dreamland in no time.

This 30-song playlist features the best soothing, easy-listening jams to help you turn your brain off for the evening. At just over two hours long, it’ll get you through those first crucial phases of falling asleep, while letting you stay there comfortably and peacefully.

It features relaxing hits by Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, and classics from The Verve and Cat Power, so that every genre comes together for your snoozing needs.

Whether you’re struggling with a chronic sleep issue or simply looking to ensure you catch the most quality z’s you can, this playlist is your one-stop shop for songs that will help you nod off, and allow you to finally enjoy a restful, much-deserved slumber. Grab your earbuds, hit the pillow, and we’ll see you in the morning.