Commence freak out: Ulta Beauty is adding a new level to its rewards program

There are exciting beauty releases planned for 2018 already, as Kat Von D Beauty and ColourPop have tons of new makeup products and collections we’re buzzing about. And now our fave beauty retailer can join the list of exciting 2018 beauty announcements, as Ulta Beauty is adding a new tier to its rewards program. No, this is not a dream.

Ulta started hinting at its new program a few days ago, as the brand released an Instagram photo of a diamond with a caption that said a sparkly surprise was on the way. Of course, we initially suspected a new diamond-inspired beauty collection was in the works. However, the important “rewards” keyword in the caption definitely piqued our interest.

While Ulta already has a platinum membership available, this new level will be a game-changer. The Ultimate Rewards Diamond is sure to be amazing as TRENDMOOD shared the inside scoop on the new rewards tier and its perks.

According to TRENDMOOD, Ulta’s Ultimate Rewards Diamond level will include free shipping on all orders over $25.

It will also include a yearly $25 rewards card, which can be used for beauty services. Other perks? You’ll be able to earn points 50%  faster than ever before.

The good news is that we’re set to get more info on the Ulta Ultimate Rewards Diamond soon. So it’s safe to say that beauty news this good proves that 2018 is already starting off on the right foot.

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