People in the UK have crossed the billion selfie mark

Get the confetti and camera phones ready, UK! A new report from Ofcom, a communications regulator, estimates that last year over 1 billion selfies were taken across the United Kingdom. Hurrah!

The report surveyed 3,756 people, and of those asked one in ten snapped a selfie on a regular basis.

“31% of adults admit to taking a selfie and in fact just over one in 10 are saying they take a selfie at least once a week,” Ofcom director of market intelligence Jane Rumble said. “So from those figures what we estimate is that in the last year 1.2 billion selfies have been taken in the UK.”

The report looked at other device behavior as well, and found that only about 31% of those surveyed back up pictures, so chances are a lot of those selfies shall never see the light of day. Meanwhile, 33% of respondents use their smartphone as their primary way to get online, with laptops following at 30%.

So what does it mean that the UK has surpassed 1 billion selfies taken in a year, and how much will that number go up in 2015? Will selfie sticks increase that number, or will the growing numbers of bans put in place make the number stay about the same? Only time will tell! But in the meantime, keep on snapping, UK — 1.2 billion is the number to beat!

(Image via Shutterstock.)