Uh, someone got a haircut with an ax, which is actually a scary new trend

We’re all about remaining on the cutting edge of hair styling techniques, but we don’t think we’d go as far as asking the stylist to take off a few inches with a tool that’s used to chop wood. As Mashable reports, someone got a haircut with an ax, and yeah…no. It must feel great to put such trust in your hair stylist that you can relax while having your ‘do shaped with a piece of equipment that belongs to your favorite horror movie character.

So, this ax and hammer haircut trend — oh yeah, we forgot to mention that some stylist also use a hammer as well — is something we don’t think we want to experience firsthand. But for our viewing pleasure, Daniil Istomin — a hairstylist from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk — filmed himself using the technique on his client’s hair so we can observe the process from a safe distance.

Istomin says it’s easier than using scissors (Really, now?), but we don’t know about that.


There is nothing like strutting out of the salon with a fresh, new bang, but we are definitely not hair for this.

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Ya know, regular trims are important, but there has to be a better, non-life threatening way to go about this. There’s already the pressure of giving your client a look that nicely frames the face and leaves them with that post-haircut glow they spend good money to get. So whyyy introduce the added stressor of a possible swing gone horribly wrong?

Even if a professional told us this was a perfectly legitimate way to get a haircut, we’re going to continue to err on the side of caution and say that this is something you should never, ever do to your hair.