Ugly Babies, The Worst Tumblr on the Internet.

Friday left us with 100 Hearbeats, a Tumblr created by a woman who went into heart failure at 25-years-old. Through use of the Internet, Lauren was able to show millions of people her gratitude for life. Simply inspirational. Humbling. Beautiful.

But the Internet is also a place where anyone can showcase. Although I firmly believe in the greater good of humanity, sometimes awful people, or to be fair, people who are currently making bad decisions, create blogs like UGLY BABIES.

This Tumblr is filled with images of parents posing with their children in personal family photos, one specifically in a hospital room after giving birth. That photo calls out the Mom for being ‘ugly’ so what can we expect from the kid!?


Beauty, or the idea of what we find visually pleasing is subjective. I found myself smiling at a lot of these babies, because I thought they were so cute. And not in a “she sooo ugly, she’s cute,” way; actually finding them to be babes.

The creator of this Tumblr, whose identity is as invisible as their integrity is facilitating a space that enables people to cyber bully BABIES.

BABIES, people. Like, no teeth yet, and can’t speak in sentences. Innocent cherubs who think Cheerios are the equivalent to winning the Lotto. It’s horrific enough we have 16-year-old girls being sexually assaulted and cyber bullied into ending their lives.  Now we have someone encouraging people to submit photos of children to make fun of how they look, something they have no control or cognisance over.


Whoever started this, come forward. Show us your baby pictures. Even if a few of us feel you were cute, I think all of us will agree your behavior as of late is what’s ugly, not those babies.

Educate yourself. Let’s all make a pledge to stop cyber bullies. This Tumblr shouldn’t be ‘shared’, it should be shamed.

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