Yet another dude is trying to justify Trump’s “locker room talk,” now calling it “bachelor party” talk

This election is a straight-up mess. We all know it. And Donald Trump’s released comments about how his fame allows him to “grab her by the p*ssy,” aka sexually assault women and get away with it, have totally amped up the horribleness of the election season. Unfortunately, instead of standing against this violence, many men (and, sadly, women) have supported Trump’s comments. How? By distancing themselves and calling the comments “locker room talk.” Ew.

Yet another random dude is coming forward to support him. Meet Carl Icahn, who, according to Business Insider, is a “hedge fund titan.” Basically, he’s some rich guy who doesn’t think Trump’s comments are all that bad. Shocking.

His big argument? That this is how guys talk at bachelor parties. Um, what?

He argued with host Scott Wapner about it being bachelor party language, and when Wapner said he hadn’t heard that kind of language before, he said,

"Well then you don't go to bachelor parties or you're a hypocrite."

He said Trump’s language was justified because he didn’t know anyone else was going to hear it.

"He didn't know that was going to be televised or on a radio program or would even be taped."

And that if no guy who ever “joked” about a woman — his word used to describe bragging about sexually assaulting people — could be a politician, we’d have no Congress.

"It's one thing to do it in a locker room. ... You're going to tell me that anybody who said anything bad about a woman — not bad, but joking — about a woman in a locker room ... then I don't think you'd have anybody in Congress.""

Because that’s not terrifying, right? Can all these people supporting sexual violence just go away, please?


Too, he said it’s “hypocritical” to let this be a reason not to elect Trump.

"To say that that doesn't happen — and with the highs, the most mighty, it happens — and then make this the reason you don't elect a guy, I think, is hypocritical.""

Why? Because other presidents had girlfriends.

"How about Kennedy? How about Clinton for Christ's sake? How about most of our presidents? Kennedy used to have girlfriends over there. We're being hypocritical."

UGH. YOU GUYS. Friendly reminder that having a girlfriend is not the same thing as sexually assaulting women? This is not “locker room talk.” This is not “bachelor party talk.” It’s SEXUAL ASSAULT. Like, what in the world is the disconnect with these dudes that makes this somehow any more complex than a dude saying he gropes women, and then women coming forward like yep, he did it?

We’re so sick of this.

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