Uggs boots had a wee bit of a shape makeover

Ugg boots are just the latest shoe to jump on the reboot craze. Ugg boots? Re-boot? Get it? OK, let’s just move on . . .

The ridiculously comfy shoes are receiving a bit of an updated look, which will be their first classic reboot in 37 years. The biggest change is simply that these new boots will have more of a “slimmed” down version. Before, the boots felt big and wide, and now, they appear to have more of a riding boot feel to them. Nothing about the inside of the boot is changing, so yes, it will still feel like you are walking on clouds with every step you take.

This limited edition collection has a pretty fab model showing them off too — hi Carolyn Murphy!

This new Classic Luxe Collection (as it’s been dubbed), will feature three different styles. You’ve got your choice of the Abree, which is the tallest of the three boots; then the Abree short, which is exactly what it sounds like. It still has the iconic look of the Ugg, but with a just-above-the-ankle design. Lastly, there’s the Karissa, which the Ugg website describe as, “[channeling] the effortless style of the 1960’s with its tasseled suede fringe.” So if fringe is your thing, this last style is for you.  

As Murphy told Fashionista, “The silhouette and the cut are different and it’s more fashion fashion.”

All three new boots are available now, but come with slightly hefty price. Then again, these are Uggs, and we like feeling as if we’re walking on marshmallows and they will last you a really, really long time.  The boots retail from between $250 and $295, which yes, is pretty steep for a boot. But your feet will thank you later. And it’s never too early to start adding things to your Holiday Wish List.

I love my Uggs. There, I said it.

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