Um… were there UFOs in Southern California last night?

Did a UFO really think it could fly over Souther California last night without going viral on the Internet? Maybe aliens aren’t aware of our new-fangled Twitter technology, but Twitter was certainly aware of them. It seemed like everyone was using #UFO to post about the weird thing they witness flying through the sky. Even celebrities like Lena Dunham and Josh Groban took to their phones to document the strange goings-on.

Could this really be a genuine sighting of something us Earthlings have been speculating for a while? Are aliens making contact?

According to the government, no. What Californian’s witnessed was actually just routine testing of a Trident II ballistic missile. Eager spectators were actually just witnessing the light from its firing. Navy Cmdr. Ryan Perry issued a statement to clear things up:

Ugh, fine. So we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary last night. However, the next time an alien does attempt to make contact with Earth, we can all rest assured that the Internet will be the first to know.

(Image via Instagram)

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