Uber has one very odd request for their riders

Today in things we should know not do by now, everyone — don’t have sex in your Uber. This is just one of the things the ride-hailing app has made blindingly clear in its updated Community Guidelines released on Thursday.In a statement, Uber U.S. and Canada GM Rachel Holt reminded riders and drivers of its “golden rule” policy and called out disrespectful riders for “leaving trash in the car, throwing up in the back seat after too much alcohol or asking a driver to break the speed limit so they can get to their appointment on time.”

This is the first time Uber has publicized solid rules for its passengers, according to The Guardian.

Among the things that can lead to the loss of rider accounts: physical contact with drivers or other riders, bringing alcohol/drugs/firearms into the car, and discrimination.

And the new guidelines also addresses safety concerns brought on by sexual assault allegations against some Uber drivers. The company wrote, “Uber has a no sex rule. That’s no sexual conduct between drivers and riders, no matter what.”

Basically, get yourself together before you hop in that Uber Pool. If both riders and drivers are polite and respectful of boundaries, both will be able to Uber to their heart’s content.