Next week, Uber’s going to deliver you some puppies

Our favorite workday of 2015 was probably (DEFINITELY) October 29, which was the day Uber delivered precious adoptable kittens to offices all over the country in celebration of National Cat Day. Not only were workers everywhere enchanted by the sight of fluffy little felines prancing all over their desks (like they did at the Vogue offices in NYC), but the event also managed to find homes for over 300 kittens!

Cat with heart eyes emojis forever!

Well, get ready for another adorable day at the office, guys. This time, I’m looking at you, dog people, because this Wednesday, February 3, Uber is bringing us PUPPIES. (All of the yes!) Uber is partnering with the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl to deliver adoptable puppies to offices in New York City from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, according to Entrepreneur. The cost for a 15-minute visit with #UberPuppies will run you $30 (bargain!), which will go toward a donation to pet welfare organization Bideawee. Animal Planet will be matching each donation. (High fives all around, animal lovers!)

Last year, Uber helped place over 100 puppies in homes with its #UberPuppies Puppy Bowl event, according to Uber spokeswoman Sarah Maxwell. We’re thinking this year even more puppies might find their forever homes. At least we hope so. In the meantime, we’ll make sure the #UberPuppies know how to cuddle properly. It’s the least we can do.

BRB. Replacing all the writing instruments in my pencil holder with dog biscuits.

[Image via Shutterstock and Twitter.]