This Reddit theory says Tyrion may actually be the most important character on “Game of Thrones”

Like the good Game of Thrones students we are, we are always open to hearing exciting fan theories that could help give major insight into the future of the show. And this latest one we’ve read has our minds totally reeling about one of our favorite characters.

As always, be aware that if you’re not yet caught up on season 6 of Game of Thrones, this post could contain major *SPOILERS.*


You probably already know, but there’s been a prophecy in GoT about “the prince who was promised” (aka Azor Ahai) that has yet to be fulfilled. The important character will be the one that helps light fight the darkness that spreads over the world in the coming winter months. The two most obvious characters in the running for the job are (of course) the beloved Daenerys and Jon Snow.

And while they both have a lot of really big clues that show they could be the chosen one, one Redditor is making the case that Tyrion could actually be the pivotal prince.

The so-called Lannister (but, let’s be real, probably Targaryen) has already proven to be one of the most important characters in all of Westeros. But he shockingly fits some of the requirements the purposefully vague prophecy requires, which is surprising since he has certainly not been built up as a character who everyone could turn to for hope in a time of darkness.


Yet Tyrion is very likely a Targaryen (which is a prophecy requirement), has been reborn as a warrior from the fire in the Battle of Blackwater Bay (thereby meeting another requirement), and killed his love (which is also a sacrifice the prince will supposedly make).

Plus, the metaphorical (but very important) Lightbringer that Azor Ahai controls is said to come to the warrior who toils and lives in the consequences and sacrifices of his (or her) actions. And this Redditor thinks Tyrion has a pretty solid case for bringing it about.

The good people of Uproxx created a helpful video that sorts out a lot of the main parts of the theory.

It’s at least something interesting to think about while we all patiently wait for season 7 to finally get here.

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