If this “Game of Thrones” theory is true, Tyrion does indeed have a master plan to overthrow Cersei

The characters on Game of Thrones aren’t always transparent with their motives, which has led some fans to come up with all kinds of theories explaining various elements of the show. And a new theory suggests Tyrion has a plan to overthrow Cersei that he hasn’t shared. That is, not yet.

There are fan theories surrounding just what the Stark sisters might be up to and theories about the future of Dany’s dragons, but one fan has a more straightforward theory that explains what Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) might be planning for his sister Cersei (Lena Headey). And if true, she might be about to get a taste of her own medicine.


Okay, so he’s probably not planning on blowing anything up. But he might be planning to turn Cersei’s people against her. How? Reddit user WeenahSixNine has a theory that sounds pretty plausible. Say Cersei doesn’t actually see the Wights/White Walkers as a threat, and bringing one to convince her of the threat actually won’t convince her at all. There might just be another reason to bring the Wight to King’s Landing:

"By bringing a Wight back to King's landing and using Cersei's own arrogance and brovado against her, Tyrion can simultaneously convince the People of the true threat to the Realm, discrediting Cersei and highlighting her refusal to protect them, while also showing Dany to be the savior and true protector, as well as showing Jon Snow to [be] the right proper lad that he is, risking his life for the Realm and earning the people's loyalty and devotion to follow him into battle to save humanity."

It’s totally possible that Tyrion thinks this is the best way to get the throne for Dany. Either way, it does seem like Cersei’s days are numbered. You can watch the season finale of Game of Thrones this Sunday on HBO, and hopefully get some answers.

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