Tyra Banks opens up about the “sting” of public criticism

If we’ve learned anything about Tyra Banks based on her America’s Next Top Model days, it’s that she knows how to relate to the everyday woman. In fact, Tyra Banks discussed criticism a lot during her run as host of the show, truly making us realize that even top supermodels can often feel the sting of rejection and self-doubt.

In a new interview with Banks, she got a bit more candid about the whole thing. She also revealed that she was hoping to leave the popular reality show way, way earlier than she did. (We’re talking 2007!)

It turns out that while Banks is still involved with the show as an executive producer, she got a lot of backlash about leaving that hurt her feelings.

"Speaking to social media, I'm not blind, so I do see a lot of people are stating that [they miss me]," she said to Entertainment Weekly. "There was one fan who gave me this whole long diatribe, this long post about how I'd turned my back on them. [There was] a lot of negativity being spewed my way for not doing the show."

Banks finally decided to listen to herself, and her instincts — the same instincts she had back in 2007, before her lawyer persuaded her to stay with the show. So, it must be tough to have some doubt that those instincts would be wrong. Banks, as expected, handled it all like a champ.

"Believe me, I'm a human being, so it does sting a little bit that they feel like I've deserted them or that I've walked away from something I created," she noted. "It does sting, but it's a change of heart, I guess."

We’ve been there before.

While we definitely miss seeing Banks on the show, we think that Rita Ora is doing a great job. The show has truly been revived based on its beneficial switch-up.

In fact, both Ora and Banks bring different things to the table as far as the show, which just concluded its 23rd cycle, is concerned.

So, we get why Banks decided to retire. As for her huge fanbase, we hope that they’ll also come to terms with the fact that it was simply just her time.

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