Tyra Banks apparently kept making this one hilarious mistake during “America’s Got Talent” rehearsals

Balancing two shows can be pretty complicated. And even though she’s a pro, Tyra Banks screwed up during America’s Got Talent rehearsals by temporarily forgetting which one she was on. In fact, Banks admitted that she mashed up both her new show and her classic hit, America’s Next Top Model, by making one crucial error.

Banks just celebrated her first live episode hosting America’s Got Talent, and while things went okay when the cameras were rolling, she admitted to Entertainment Tonight that she kept flubbing.

"During rehearsals I twice said 'Americas Next Got Talent.' I was like, 'Ugh, ugh!' So, I did not say that live, thank god," Banks admitted.

We’re sure that even if she made the error live, her fans would forgive her. After all, it’s an honest mistake.

Even though she’s a pro, she’s also human — and admitted that sometimes scripted lines throw her off a bit.

"I don’t get nervous when I'm myself," she continued. "So I am myself, but if this was me acting on a stage and it was Broadway, I'd be a hot mess -- lines to remember, all that. But anytime I'm myself, I'm chillin.’ I'm myself with you right now. We chillin’ right."

It makes sense that Banks has America’s Next Top Model on the brain. The show, which now airs on VH1, announced that she’d be back as a host for its upcoming season. So, she’ll be pulling double duty between both reality competition shows. Banks is also a mom, which means she’s currently balancing three jobs.

We’re just so happy that there’s no shortage of Tyra Banks on our televisions. Before these dual hosting gigs were announced, we were getting a bit worried.

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