This computer keyboard based on an old-school typewriter is giving us LIFE

We can pretend that millennials aren’t always glued to their many devices, but the fact is — we definitely are. #SorryNotSorry? Because for all the flaws associated with the constant use of electronics, our generation is damn prolific. We’re always creating, organizing, educating ourselves, sharing ideas, and making beautiful things. So why not work and play like our predecessors — on this new computer keyboard based on an old-school typewriter?

We have major nostalgia for yesteryear — from our LOVE of the 1990s signature brown lipstick, to 1940s-era style — so it’s no surprise the keyboard is en vogue. Besides, wouldn’t you want to type on something that clicked and clacked as you wrote? It’s weirdly satisfying to see and hear yourself working.

Here are the details: The Lofree keyboard is pretty basic. Which makes sense, because it’s a relic of a time most of us can’t remember. It has two key functions: One, it types (duh). The second is that it’s back-lit, which is clutch. It can be used wirelessly (or not), and it’s compatible with Mac and PC.

Oh, and it comes in a variety of yummy colors. We are getting serious vibes from that retro seafoam green.

Sign up over at the Lofree site to get your very own pretend vintage keyboard (because let’s not get too crazy here — we don’t have time for a real typewriter).

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