We had no idea that “Teen Wolf’s” Tyler Posey once played Jennifer Lopez’s son in “Maid in Manhattan”

Apparently Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey has been around Hollywood since he was just a pup, and we didn’t even know it! After all, it’s hard to imagine Tyler as anybody other than Scott McCall, the sweet and earnest high school lacrosse player turned badass werewolf on MTV’s Teen Wolf

But he actually got his start as Jennifer Lopez’s son in Maid in Manhattan!


Isn’t he the cutest!?

We totally forgot that he was in this, but now that we’ve seen baby Tyler Posey, we can’t unsee it. We’re suckers for a Cinderella story (honestly, who ISN’T? If any wealthy, handsome, charming hotel owners wants to sweep us off our feet, we have some student loans we’d love for you to make obsolete) so Maid in Manhattan has a special place in our rom-com-loving hearts.

We probably love it even more knowing this now, though, and are definitely due for a rewatch.


…yeah, we’re definitely due for a rewatch.

Now, um, back to Tyler. We can hardly believe how tiny and cute he was!

Like, seriously. LOOK AT THE CHANGE:


Talk about a Cinderella story! While we loooove small turtlenecked Tyler Posey, we’re definitely here for grown-up, henley-wearing Tyler Posey, too. Honestly, all of the Tyler Poseys. We’ll take twenty.

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