Tyler Oakley talked about what it’s like to be an LGBT activist, and we’re cheering

In a new interview with PAPER, Tyler Oakley explained what it’s really like to be such a visible member of the LGBT community. Considering the state of LGBT rights under Trump, Oakley’s message feels especially important to listen to members of the LGBT community, and really hear them out. When asked about his concerns about Trump’s presidency, Tyler Oakley didn’t hold back, and we seriously respect him for it.

In the interview, Oakley explains why he’s worried. He says,

"I'm absolutely concerned, and every single person in this country should be. If you know an LGBTQ+ person, if you know a person of color, if you know a woman, if you know anyone who isn't a straight, white, cisgender, Christian male, you should be concerned. Trump's actions speak louder than words, and his appointments send a clear message to minorities: We are not here to protect you."

But the icon doesn’t think 2016 was all bad. Why? Because it showed more than ever that some people really do care about LGBT people, and are willing to fight back against injustice. He continued,

"The one bright spot that I see is the maps of voting results in America for the youngest voters --they're our future, and they voted overwhelmingly for inclusion, love, hope, and equality. That's our future."

We’re so glad this important figure shared his thoughts, and reminded us that it’s our job to work together to protect LGBTQ+ folks and the most marginalized members of our society.