Tyler J. Blackburn posted a ’90s throwback that will make all the “Pretty Little Liars” fans flip

Fans of Pretty Little Liars are enthralled by the never-ending cyber harassment of the program’s unbreakable girl gang, the black-hooded identity of A (or Uber A? or AD?), the lifelong secrets plaguing Rosewood’s families, and — of course — the years-long off and on romances between the series’ protagonists.


There is Ezria (Aria and Ezria). There is Toby (Spencer and Toby). And there is Haleb (Hanna and Caleb). While the recent mid-season finale left things with those first two couples unclear (also there are only 10 episodes of the entire show left!!!!), we witnessed a hugely emotional reunion between Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb (Tyler J. Blackburn) following her broken engagement and his brief romance with Spencer.


PLL fans went wild, as Haleb is a fan favorite (just go on YouTube), and many of them hadn’t accepted a breakup between the aspiring fashion designer and the hacker extraordinaire.

Following their characters’ highly anticipated reunion, Tyler J. Blackburn took to Instagram to give the PLL army what he knew they desired.


“HALEB: The Beginning”

These ’90s headshots of young Ashley Benson and Tyler J. Blackburn are too perfect — with his Backstreet Boys-era Nick Carter middle part, her pink spaghetti straps, and their too-cool-for-school stares.

If we could only warn young Haleb about the bananas, crime-filled, mystery solving life ahead of them…

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