This two-year-old girl had a fashion emergency, so she literally called 911

A two-year-old girl girl was home with her grandpa when she had trouble putting her pants on by herself. She had one pant leg on and the other pant leg was inside out. She could not get the pants on and things were looking bleak. So she did what she was taught to do in an emergency—she called 911.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina received the call from little Aliyah Ryan, but she didn’t stay on the phone long enough for them to know that the situation wasn’t a real emergency (although Aliyah probably would disagree).

“Dispatch actually gave us a call and they said it sounded like a baby on the phone, and it was basically a 911 hang up call,” Deputy Martha Lohnes told WSPA-TV.

Not knowing what she’d find, Lohnes was sent to investigate.

“The door opened up and she comes running out to the front with half a pant leg on, and she’s just like ‘HEY,’” Lohnes said.

Lohnes has two young sisters, so she knew the drill.

“I just ended up sitting down on the stairs helping her put on the rest of her pants, and then it was almost like a reward,” she said. “She just wanted a hug.”

Aliyah’s mom Pebbles Ryan was at work when she got the call that her daughter had called the police because she had a serious fashion emergency.

“I came home to ‘Oh, the police helped your daughter put pants on’,” Pebbles said. “I was like ‘OH! Ok?’ Then she wouldn’t let any of the police leave because she wanted hugs.”

Pebbles said she taught Aliyah how to call 911 in case of an emergency, but was a little surprised that she actually called. Because not being able to put on pants is, in fact, not an emergency. But Lohnes was super impressed.

“I thought it was awesome that at two years old, she knew to call 911 at all,” Lohnes said.

Aliyah got a new pair of pants out of the ordeal (ones that are easier to put on) and some new police friends. Really, really patient and compassionate police friends.